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Adams Karate Fitness is proud to present our
Black Belt Honor Roll.
This list represents those staff members and students who have 
shown the ultimate dedication and perserverance to attain the rank of 
Black Belt.

Many years of hard work, devotion and discipline have been required to achieve this honor.
  A.K.F. Active Black Belt Honor Roll


Carlos Villa 3rd Degree Black Belt



Tami VanAuker  3rd Degree Black Belt


Rich Field  1st Degree Black Belt 

Adam Wright 1st Degree Black Belt


Kaiden Davies 1st Degree Black Belt


Madeleine Jepsen Black Belt


Jake Roberts Jr 1st Degree


Marisa Roberts  Jr 1st Degree






 Inactive List

Nicole K Adams 1st Degree Black Belt


Jason Martinez Jr. Black Belt

Bob Wilbur 3rd Degree Black Belt

Quentin Villa Jr. Black Belt


Britni Trall Black Belt


John Arnold 2nd Degree Black Belt


Joshua Curey Black Belt


Ian Trall 1st Degree Black Belt

Bethany Falknor Black Belt

Joshua Falknor Jr. Black Belt

Macain Snyder Jr. Black Belt


Hunter ST.Clair Jr. Black Belt

 Tami VanAuker  3rd Degree Black Belt

John Fillmore 1st Degree Black Belt

      Sabrina VanAuker Jr. Black Belt

Blane Adams   2nd Degree Black Belt 

Sam Ogles   Black Belt


Jim Maxson  Black Belt


Levi Drumm 1st Degree Black Belt 

Jody Stout  1st Degree Black Belt  

Nathen Parrish   - Black Belt

 Jon Bovee   -  Black Belt 

Cyndi Dull    -  Black Belt 

 Brandon Fields   -  Black Belt 


Matthew Nelson   - Black Belt

Matthew  Hemker     - Black Belt

Max Alexander   -  Jr Black Belt

  Nick Adams   -  Jr Black Belt

  Nolan Wages   -   Jr Black Belt

Keifer Lah   -  Jr Black Belt

Taylor Irvin   -  Jr Black Belt


Bailee Macklem -  Jr  BlackBelt 

Hunter Winger   -   Jr  Black Belt

Bailey Knaack       - Jr Black Belt


Rebecca Macrae     - Jr Black Belt

Matt Shrider - Jr. Black Belt

Emma Gochanour -Jr. Black Belt


Mitchel Rickmen   -   Black Belt


  Emily Naganashe - Jr. Black Belt


    Tanner Holbrook  -  1st Degree Black Belt

      Allison Clemens 1st Degree Black Belt

           Stephen Popovich 1st Degree Black Belt  

       Zackary Murphy 1st Degree Black 


               Joseph Popovich 1st Degree Black Belt Belt

     Amber Wixson 1st Degree Black

         Shrina Kehoe Jr. Black Belt


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