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Posted By :    Lynn
Posted :    11/7/2013
Comments :    Martial Arts training with my kids has been a wonderful experience. It has kept our family close - it's like have a family game night, only we do it three times a week. My 11 year old son is testing for his Junior Black Belt in two days, and I am assisting him with his weapons demo. My daughter (age 16) has even stuck with this, and she doesn't like many kinds of physical activity besides dancing. Martial Arts has kept me feeling young even after I passed 40. And even though my husband does not participate, he comes and watches every class. We love AKF, and Master Adams is awesome. This was the best thing my family could have done together.
Posted By :    Arnold  (
Posted :    4/18/2013
Comments :    My son John was put in a very difficult situation last night where he had to remain calm and take control. He handled himself extremely well and he told me this morning that he thought back to a lot of what he learned in karate to keep focused and do what needed to be done! I can not say enough good (ok great) things about Martial Arts! I have said it before and I will say it again several more times THANK YOU Lloyd D Adams and Adams' Karate !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been and will forever be one of your biggest fans!!!
Posted By :    Adam
Posted :    11/14/2011
Comments :    Adams' Karate Fitness is a great place to study Martial Arts. Master Adams has created a premier school with excellent instruction. The "check your ego" at the door environment creates the perfect atmosphere for all individuals to grow.
Posted By :    Natalie Huestis  (
Posted :    11/9/2011
Comments :    Adams Karate is an experience I wish everyone could have. We have been students as a family and also individually. As a mom, I have a deep respect for Master Adams and his method of teaching. He has a natural way of encouraging his students to perform at their personal best without belittling them. My whole family has gained confidence from Master Adams. My children are less shy and more sure of themselves and I have the comfort of knowing that they have the tools to defend themselves if necessary. Participating in classes has also helped me as a professional- I no longer have stage fright when addressing crowds. There are so many benefits that come with being involved the Adams Karate, I recommend it often!
Posted By :    Lisa Petch
Posted :    11/8/2011
Comments :    My 11 year old daughter has been attending Adams Karate for 5 months now and has worked up to an orange belt with stripe level. She looks forward to go to class as much as she can. Now that she has achieved "Elite" status, she loves sparing with the other kids. As an only child, I feel karate has been an influence on her development. She is so much better at focusing and listening. I would recommend karate to anyone!!
Posted By :    Arnold
Posted :    10/28/2011
Comments :    I cannot say enough about what Martial Arts and Adams Karate Fitness has done for my son. He started when he was 12 as a shy, insecure boy. Karate helped him gain confidence and have the courage to face many things during his teen years. He is now 18 and I know he would not be the person he is had he not been involved in Martial Arts. it was very hard on him at times, but that is what helped him to not give up in other areas of his life. I would (and do) recommend Adams Karate to anyone and everyone!
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