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    Grand Master Terry


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Certified Black Belt Ranks
* 9th Degree Youshiki Soke (ISHH) Super T Karate / Kickboxing System
* 6th Degree Black Belt Certified by Joe Lewis Karate Systems
* 4th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon Do
* 4th Degree Black Belt Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan
* Founder S.R.C. Street Reality Combat System

Professional Fighting
* World PAKA Middleweight Kickboxing Champion (PAKA)
* #1 World Middleweight Contender (PAKA)
* #3 World Cruiserweight Contender (KICK)
* #5 World Light Heavyweight Contender (PAKA)
* Professional Boxer

Association Memberships & Certifications
* (ISHH) International Society of Headfamilies & Headfounders
* United States Martial Arts Association (USMAA)
* UMAHoF Supreme Sokeship Council
* International Soke~Head Founder Society (ISHFS)
* Cobra Martial Arts Association (CMAA)
* Member Black Belt Schools International (BBSI)
* Joe Lewis Black Belt Association (JLBBA)
* K.I.K.A. / K.B.M.A. Grand Masters Council
* International Sung Ja Do Association (ISA
* Would Martial Arts Organizations Alliance Master Council (WMAOA)
* International CombaT Martial Arts Unions Association (ICMAUA)

Association Positions
* State Director International Society of Headfamilies & Headfounders
* Executive Director S.W.A.
* WMAOA Master Council
* President Super T Karate Association

Instructor Certifications
* Certified Defense Tactic Instructor --- Controlled F.O.R.C.E
* Black Belt Schools of America Certified Instructor
* Certified Ground Force Instructor
* Certified SHOOTFIGHTING Instructor
* United States Martial Arts Association
* Founder S.R.C. Street Reality Combat System
* CMAA International Instructor Certification
* Master Instructor (ISA)
 Newspaper - Seminars
* Featured in Video segment for the United Professionals
* Boxed on PASS TV
* Kickboxed on ESPN
* Featured in Orlando Sentinel Newspaper
* Interviewed on Channel 8 News
* Producer and Instructor of Combat Kickboxing DVD / Video Tape Series
* Author Combat Kickboxing Book
* Interviewed by Fox TV News
* Seminar presenter for United Professional
* Grand Valley TV

Awards and Recognition
* Master Instructor World Sokeship Council Martial Arts Hall of Fame
* Nominated in 10 Hall of Fames
* Ruby Award United Professionals
* Five Star Service Black Belt School of America
* Golden Life Time Achievement World Karate Union Hall of fame
* Grand Master Kickboxing Instructor of the year UMAHoF
* Bravery Award Branch County Sheriff Dept

Master Terry is President of the Super T Karate Association and operates a
7000 square foot school in Grand Rapids
Michigan. His students include children, adults, professionals, sports
celebrities, and senior citizens.

Master Terry has performed for High Schools, Elementary Schools,
Boy and Girl Scouts, and other professional companies.

He is working on promoting the Super "T" Karate System
throughout the USA and the World.

             Youshiki Soke   
     Grand Master Master Terry Gay




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