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This is a Black Belt School
We are dedicated - We are motivated - - We are on a quest to be our best!

These words are recited with such energy and enthusiasm every night here at Adams Karate Fitness. But do you truly know what these words mean? What is a Black Belt school and how is it different from any other Karate school? Being a Black Belt school is more than a phrase or a sign on the wall - it's a philosophy! When would it be a good time to start training you to be a Black Belt, should we start when you get your brown belt, or should we wait until you become an advanced brown belt? The obvious answer to this question is neither. Your Black Belt training began with your first day in our school. You see if I waited until you were a brown or advanced brown belt to start teaching you what it takes to be a black belt. Or if I waited until then before I started demanding Black Belt techniques from you, it would take you much longer than the required three-four years to obtain your Black Belt.

Why? Because being a Black Belt is a habit! It's a habit of performing the BEST YOU ARE CAPABLE OF every time you perform. It's a habit of using the character guidelines of a Black Belt (humility, respect, honesty, etc.) not only when you're in the school, but all the time - these character traits become a habit so you not only earn a Black Belt but you BECOME a Black Belt. If while you were a white belt and I only asked you to perform like a white belt I may be hurting your long-term training. But while you are a white, yellow or purple belt, and if I ask you to perform with the same energy and enthusiasm as a Black Belt I am instilling the same qualities in you know that makes a Black Belt. So, therefore if you think about it you are already training for your Black Belt. Our instructors are already taking the necessary steps to prepare you for the day you test for your Black belt.

I plan to continue to train and prepare you in each and every class for the day that I present to you your Black Belt. Every class you take will be another step closer to that day of accomplishment. However, I would like you at this time to seriously consider making Black Belt your goal. If you have made Black Belt your goal, You may want to considering talking with myself about your next step, which would be to continue your training in our Black Belt Training Course. If you've set your goal on Black Belt then enrolling in the Black Belt Training Course makes sense. 
    Be on a quest to be Your best!

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Adams' Karate Fitness

482 Marshall St Coldater,  Mi# 49036