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Mission Statement

My mission is to develop myself in a positive manner,
avoiding anything that could reduce my mental growth
and physical health to develop self discipline in order to bring
out the best in myself and others.

We will use common sense before self defense.

We are a Black Belt School We are Dedicated We are Motivated
We are on a quest to be our best

At Adams Karate Fitness, my goal is to provide to each of my students, clients, and friends an atmosphere of caring and nurturing that will inspire and motivate them to become the best people they can be, and to utilize our state of the art defensive techniques, should they ever need them.

I also seek to lead my students by example, to have them "do as we do." I will continually condition and improve my own body and mind. Then share with my students the insights I continually learn myself.

I seek to create and maintain an environment and atmosphere that encourages interdependent teamwork among highly independent, proactive leaders who share the belief in a set of strong principles-- an environment where the interdependence magnifies the individual strengths of all team members.

I will consistently strive to "walk the talk," to become involved in all issues on our circle of influence and commit myself to the same excellent standards I present to others.

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Adams' Karate Fitness

482 Marshall St Coldater,  Mi# 49036