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We Teach Life Skills
    In Every Class.


MMA & Self- Defense Class

Kids MMA & Self Defense Class 5:30-6:00 Adult MMA & Self Defense Class 6:30-7:00
5:30-6:00 & 6:30-7:005:30-6:00 & 6:30-7:00
Kids & Adult Elite Class

Elite students will be introduced to many different styles, systems, and concepts of the Martial Arts with intense training in traditional Martial Arts Weapons. Students in the Elite Class can attend as many as 12 Classes a week and up to four day's a
Kids 6:00-6:30 & Adults 7:00-7:30Kids 6:00-6:30 & Adults 7:00-7:30
Adult & Kids Elite Wapons Class

Our Elite Clas training program is designed for the students that want to take their training to the next level above and beyond the requirement of the Level 1 program.
Kids & Adults Weapons Class 6:30pm-7:00pm
Combat Kickboxing

Combat Kickboxing
Kids 5:30-6:00Kids 5:30-6:00-Adults 7:30-8:00Adults-7:30-8:00
Adults Level 1 (Training Course)

Our Level 1 Adults class is our entry training course for adults who are just beginning Karate.
Level 1 -6:30-7:30 pmLevel 1 -6:30-7:30 pm & Level 1 MMA Self-defense
Kids Level 1 Training Course

The Kids Levle 1 Training Course is an entry-level class.
Kids Level 1 5:005:45Kids Level 1 5:00-5:45

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Adams' Karate Fitness

482 Marshall St Coldater,  Mi# 49036