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Adams' Karate
Creating Black Belts in life
Since 1999
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482 Marshall St. Coldwater, Mi. 49036

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 In 1999 Master Instructor Adams opened Adams Karate Fitness.
His purpose was not only to "teach" karate
but to also to give back to the community.
Over the past twelve years Master Adams has sponsored seminars,
has given demonstrations
and held special functions for the Coldwater community.
Donating his time and his knowledge to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Branch Area Transit Authority (BATA),
Women's Shelter
and area schools,and also held a kick-a-thon for Breast Cancer.

Mr. Adams stresses the importance of family and community into his students 
along with selfworth.    

What Is Adams Karate?  Adams? Karate is a Multi- Style combative system, using Boxing; Kick Boxing;
Fee Style Jiu Jitsu and Karate,Self-Defense Techniques.

This system is broken down into levels of belts as in traditional martial arts.As you progress through the system,
you'll see that all techniques are based on natural reflexes and movements learned early on.Classes at Adams? Karate
are designed to make you well rounded, you will not only know the combative self defense techniques of Adams? Karate well,
but also knows when it is appropriate to use them.
We train your mind, body and attitude so that you can stay safe and fit regardless of the situation.

Training our mind and body

                               Adams Karate Fitness



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Adams' Karate Fitness

482 Marshall St Coldater,  Mi# 49036