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Instructor Name:Shihan Adams 7th Degree

Mr. Adams has been a student of Youshiki GRAND MASTER TERRY GAY's for over 33 years.


Other Information:

On February 11th 2006 Mr. Adams Tested for his 4th Degree Black Belt and Received his (Shihan ) Master Instructor Diploma.On Febuary 28th 2009 Mr. Adams was Promoted to 5th Degree Black Belt and Soke Dai  from the President/Founder of the Super "T" Karate Warrior Kickboxing System, Youshiki Grand Master Terry, 8th Degree Black Belt. On November 5th 2011 Shihan Adams was Promoted to his 6th  Degree Black Belt and then on,May 14th was awarded his 7th Degree Black Belt.

  Shihan Adams continues his education and training in the martial arts under the supervision of Grand Master Terry Gay. He also continues teaching and providing his own students with the life skills and knowledge of the martial arts.

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Adams' Karate Fitness

482 Marshall St Coldater,  Mi# 49036